Batmitzvah & Barmitzvah

The Food Story Team is on hand to plan and create sensational batmitzvahs and barmitzvahs to ensure your celebration is unique and memorable in every way.  Able to provide inspirational ideas for venues and locations and bringing together the best entertainment and production suppliers in the industry the team has a reputation for organising some of the most original, inspirational and outstanding batmitzvahs and barmitzvahs in the country.

Putting Food Story’s creative kosher catering at the heart of the party ensures that your daughter's batmitzvah or your son's barmitzvah is not only a great celebration but an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Food Story works with some of the best batmitzvahs and barmitzvahs talent in town ensuring that we area always surrounded with fresh ideas and inspiration from fabulous themeing and decoration to the wildest of entertainment ensuring every party is original and one of a kind.

Whilst we work with the professionals to ensure the production and entertainment is of the highest caliber the Food Story team focuses on creating bespoke menus to ensure every batmitzvah and barmitzvah dream is brought to reality. Our batmitzvah and barmitzvah menus range from fun chicken shop dining to sophisticated six course tasting menus; anything is possible with Food Story.

Contact the Food Story team to bring fairy tale batmitzvah and barmitzvah ideas to life.

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